by talkbackty on May 29, 2011

Firstly, I believe in giving credit where credit is do. So see Leo Babauta's post for my inspiration.

An excellent place to begin. To create. I'm not entirely sure what it means or how it is properly done. I know that I do it often. I believe that it is one of the truly unique things we can do in this world. What we wear isn't unique, what we say isn't unique, how we act isn't unique. And yet originality does exist. In a surprising number of shapes and iterations. How is this possible? creation.

We all have the ability to create. As children we played pretend and make-believe. We danced when there was no music, we talked to things that only we saw, we saw things no one else did. Children are fantastic creators. I don't think they are the best, just incredibly good. Imagine you were drafting a football team, there is a child who has an incredibly strong arm, he seems very mature and smart, and really loves playing football all the time...he's also 12. Do you draft him? Of course not. The kid has potential, nothing more and nothing less. Children all have potential as creators. It's almost like they are instinctual good at it.

We are all creators of one type or another. Whether it is something everyone recognizes as creativity like art, or something more nuanced and under-appreciated, like farming. Both are creation in very real, tangible senses of the words. While we may not all understand every work of art, we do recognize that something exists in the space in front of our eyes. In farming it may be possible we don't know every aspect that went in to production, yet nobody denies that something exists where previously nothing had.

Even the more metaphysical ideas are creation.  The things that aren't tangible.  Ideas are created all the time. Our brains are a powerhouse of creation.  The difference between having an idea or having potential and true creation is the part when you bring it into the world.  Ideas are the backbone of all creation (all things if you want to be technical) but unless we bring it out into the world that idea is wasted. 

Everything you see here, and some that you don't, I did in one day (as of 5pm on May 29, 2011). In one day I created something that I had put off for months. I've had blogs before. I write all the time. And yet for months I put this off, for no real tangible reason. Something came up, I didn't feel like doing it, there was something else going on.

But do you want to know the kicker? The thing that stopped me more than anything else...I couldn't find a really great template. I searched and I searched but either the coding was too advanced for me or it didn't fit my style. Months I spent not writing because I couldn't find the very best template in the world. I wanted drop-down menus and snazzy features that could be instantly linked to every social networking site known to man. Now look at this site. Clean, simple, and to the point. You know what the best part of that simplicity doesn't get in the way of me creating.

I am still wondering what exactly I will put on this blog. I have a world for acting and creation, my podcast with Rolando Fuentes. That's a character based on myself. Some things I really feel but mostly I just am trying to get people to smile. More than that is that it gave me something to do, an outlet. I have, and will continue to have, my personal writings. Things that nobody, or so few as to constitute nobody, will ever see. So what is this for? Right now I'm hoping for a blend of the two. My "stage" persona of the podcast and the "real" me. But the truth is that I am still working on it, and I will always be working on it. I started writing because it felt like what I needed to do. I had to create.

So many roadblocks get in the way of creating. Embarrassment, pain, negative feedback, laziness, pride, etc. I'm hoping this blog will be a way to overcome some of those roadblocks. I hope you will participate in my creation by creating something of your own. Create a comment. Create a tweet. Create a post. Leave the computer and create a lego set, or a movie, or a new idea. Never stop creating. It is the one truly unique thing that you can do.