by talkbackty on Jun 2, 2011

I need to vent sometimes. We probably all do I suppose.

I'm a pretty relaxed person. I call it California chill. Others call it being a hippie. Others call it not being an adult/not caring enough. When push comes to shove though I am a laid back kinda guy. (Don't push me's rude)

The truth is that occasionally I got to let it all out. I do this mainly by bitching about little stuff. Insulting Sarah Palin, or Twilight, or Twitter, or blogging. Whatever gets in my way at a particular moment.

The podcast generally allows me to vent pretty healthily I believe. But it sneaks in to other aspects of my life as well. My roommates usually catch the majority of this anger. I often think that I'm on the verge of losing anything I have resembling friends when I do this because it's out of character.

I think people get used to the ones around them being a certain way. Oh she's the gossipy one, he's the moocher, she's the whore...whatever it may be. We craft this idea of people in our minds and then if they ever deviate from our script we become confused, upset, or angry. "Read the script man! The script is the bible!"

We respond by saying things like, "they've changed," "we used to have so much in common," "I don't know who you are anymore."

Sound familiar? ex-girlfriends???


People are more complicated than that. I'm more complicated than that and so are you. There's a quote I love and it goes roughly like this:

"Any time two people enter into a conversation there are actually 6 men present. There are the 2 men as they see themselves. Then there are the 2 men as they see one another. And finally, there are the 2 men as they really are."

Some days I need to vent. I take it out on anyone within earshot and about anything that seems to get in my way. Is this who I am? I don't believe so.

What trait do others see in you? What traits do you see in yourself? Are they wrong? Are they right?

In a world ruled not by absolute truths, but by perception, how are we to live? Do we judge people for every emotion they show? Do we do the same to ourselves?

I would like to get to a place where I am living in the present. Not how teenagers use the phrase to describe their right to party, but on a level more in line with Buddhism. Recognizing that something is going on at this moment. Excepting it. Living my life based on the assumption that all people want to be good- even if our society socializes that out of us.

So it goes my friends. So it goes.