Web 2.0 TalkBack Commercial Promo Offer

by talkbackty on Aug 24, 2011

The whole idea of Web 2.0 is to go directly to the fans. I am a fan, so at least from that angle, I know what I am talking about. The days of middle men and massive corporations selling you things are slowly coming to an end. Any time you want, you can jump on Google and do your own research, watch the trailers you want to watch, find out what books you want to read and, often, interact with the original creators of those work through social media sites.

I want to spread this concept as much as possible. The podcast, the blog, the social networks...they are all just an instrument for my own personal creation. People are doing this all the time and I want them to be able to get the word out through all the different avenues available to us.

Below is the first offer. It is rough shape. It's new. It will be prettied up a bit. For now, spread the word, and take advantage of Web 2.0.

This TalkBack commercial is easily downloadable and useable for everyone out there. Anyone can embed or share this clip, and we'd greatly appreciate it if you did. Download this and play it on your podcast and send us a thirty second spot of your own to play on our show. Don't have a podcast? No problem! Share with us your blog, gallery, myspace/facebook/google+/twitter or any thing else you got going on. When you share this commercial, we will share YOU.

Web 2.0: Created by the fans, for the fans. Supporters of D2F (direct to fans).

Email any questions, commercials, or links to talkbackwithtyandro@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @tyandrotalkback.

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