I hate lawns...and you should too

by talkbackty on Sep 18, 2011

I hate lawns.

Possibly more than I've ever hated any other thing.

This is partly because I just finished mowing my own lawn and partly because lawns are so damn pointless. (I live in a rented home, where I can't landscape).

They do not feed us. They are not great at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. They are incredibly taxing on the environment to maintain.

Turf grass (that's your lawn) is America's largest crop; we produce three times more of it than corn. We use about a third of our potable drinking water to maintain our turf grass, and about 70 million pounds of pesticides to keep it alive.

Because nature wants turf grass to die.

Because it is pointless.

What should be in our yards are gardens. Filled with a wide array of plants including- you probably saw this coming- fruits and vegetables. We'd eat better, create more oxygen to breath, and while it wouldn't solve the water issue, it would be a more efficient use of our water; and we'd save money on resources used to transport fruits and vegetables because now they are grown in your yard.

None of this is likely to happen because we, as a society, are obsessed with what other people think. And your neighbors would think you were crazy if you pulled out your lawn and planted a garden. One woman even got arrested for it.

I'm not a fan of doing things because everyone else does them. That's why...

I hate lawns and you should too.

This is a funnier, more articulate version of what I just said. Nerdfighters!