How I Lost 80% of my Facebook Friends in 24 Hours.

by talkbackty on Oct 12, 2011

This week I did something rather crazy/bold/refreshing/fantastic. I asked all my Facebook friends to stop being friends with me. I know you've all thought about it from time to time. I did it. I'm going to see if I can use Facebook in a different fashion. Use it as a tool to have in depth and intelligent conversations about a range of topics. I still have to see if that will actually happen, but if you were wondering how to get most people to unfriend you on Facebook, here's how I did it.


Here it goes.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a quote that I found floating around the internet:

"Post your desires publicly. Whoever complains that you shouldn't want that, unfriend. Then ask for suggestions from the rest."

After that I did absolutely nothing. I was terrified. Fear got the best of me. "What if they don't like what you say?" "What about so and so?" "Aren't you being a little egotistical?" "Why do you think you are so important?" "Nobody else seems that upset, calm down wacko."

That's me, talking to myself. If you don't like that, please unfriend me. 

If you're not engaged and interactive with me on Facebook, please unfriend me. If it's been years since we last talked, please unfriend me. But most of all, there are about to be numerous status updates from me. If you disregard them and move on, please unfriend me. If you find what I say offensive to the point that it upsets you, please unfriend me. If, at the very least, you can't try and open you're mind to what I'm saying and inquire as to why I'm saying it, please unfriend me.

Facebook is a marvelous tool, but I'm not using it correctly. I'm too often concerned by what people are going to think. I'm too bogged down in pointless updates that do nothing to enhance my life. I'm tired of it all. 

I say this only with honesty and compassion. Never out of anger. I won't take it personally, I'm not offended, and I'll still think you are a good person. I hope that you will feel the same towards me.

I want to use Facebook as an intimate setting. A place where I can share my ideas and opinions, and hear yours in return. That is what I offer if you remain my friend. Someone who is actively engaging in the things you find important enough to share. Someone who is interested in what you have to say. Someone who will listen and talk about any topic you can imagine.

To put it another way; an actual friend.

If that's not something you're interested in, please unfriend me.