Gridlock Magazine

by talkbackty on Jan 1, 2012

December was a slow month in the blogosphere. I didn't post much and didn't read a whole bunch either. Suffice it to say, the year ended with a whimper instead of a bang. There was a reason for that.

Gridlock Magazine has just launched, and I'm a contributor.

Most of my time writing went into articles for Gridlock and even though I had a few urges to throw something up on the blog, I figured it could wait for the new year where I could return with a passion.

So what do I have to show for taking a lack-luster blogging December? Check out No seriously, do it. I'll wait....

I couldn't wait
Top story. Above the fold. Mom is so proud. I assume she'd be more proud if I stopped living at home but that's neither here nor there.

My time spent at Occupy Oakland lead to an article that informs, but also identifies the competing philosophies going on with the movement in general. It jumps back and forth in a way I hope everyone finds interesting. What? You didn't read it. No problem, here's a snippet:

The atmosphere is electric. People are happy. Music is playing and people are dancing as we march forward throughout the streets of Oakland. Families come out of their homes and smile and wave as we head towards the port. As I attempt to change lenses, I drop my camera bag. Every person near me stops, three reach for the bag at the same time. I thank everyone as my belongings are returned to me. They smile and begin walking again. Free water is handed out. A woman comes out of her home and hands energy bars to people on the sidewalk. The atmosphere is intoxicating.

I appreciate everyone who reads the story over at Gridlock Magazine. Besides the feature, I also have an article on working out while simultaneously being a huge video game geek, it's fun and silly. And while 2011 was the worst year for theaters since '95, I went to a lot and have a few movie reviews at Gridlock as well.

Obviously this is a self-promotion piece. I do that from time to time. Here are some reasons why I think Gridlock Magazine is worth your time.

1. It's clean. There are a ton of articles but the site design keeps everything simple and easy to read. Look at the web page you're on right now...I like clean/simple sites, Gridlock is precisely that while still having a ton of great content.

2. Great content. That's not a pat on my back. Each article on Gridlock is interesting. There's interviews, gonzo-style articles, tech oriented, sports oriented, fitness related. It's got a lot of great stuff.

3. Varied contributors. The site is based in the UK and markets itself towards the urban male professional. I'm only one of those things. There's also lady-dude writers and photographers. At Gridlock you're getting different perspectives that can, hopefully, inform and entertain you in a way not done before.

4. Issu magazine. An interactive magazine layout right at the comfort of your computer screen. Yes, the website is great. It has all the articles archived. But readers can also check out the entire spread in a magazine format. As far as presentation goes, it's pretty cool.

2012 is off to a good start for me. I hope it's a good one for you as well. Please check out It would mean a lot to me.

Thank you and happy new year.