by talkbackty on Jul 16, 2012

*There are no spoilers here.

Someone's BATmitzvah is a special day. One to be held in high esteem compared to other days. For seven years, in fact for all time, no one has had a BATmitzvah. The world has suffered because of this. 

A BATmitzvah is the day you become a man or woman. It is the day you leave one stage of your life and enter into another. A person's BATmitzvah is a once in a lifetime occasion.

Thursday July 19th is my birthday. It is also the first day in the history of the world that anyone will be able to experience their BATmitzvah. 

The rules of a BATmitzvah are simple: In a 24 hour period you must watch all three Christopher Nolan Batman films. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

After a BATmitzvah you will be filled with so much awesomeness that some family or friends may not recognize you. They may ask, "Tom you look so different, almost like you are glowing. What is going on?" Fear not in telling them the good news. 

Spread the message of the #BATmitzvah.

I wish you well my friends. I will see you on the other side.