TalkBack Podcast Network

by talkbackty on Aug 1, 2011

Ignore publishing date: this was written on July 30th, 2011.

Big news in the world of TalkBack. We are starting a new show, and a single podcast has now birthed a network!

TalkBack will remain basically the same. We will aggregate news, bring you our Love its/Hate its and let you know about all the upcoming entertainment stuff. After that we will mess around and talk about whatever fancies us.

The new show will start as a mini-podcast to air randomly under the current TalkBack podcast. If you have subscribed to TalkBack on itunes, you will get the new podcast as well. At least for now.

TalkBack Spoilercast will do in depths reviews of a single movie, show, or book. So for example a current episode could be called, TalkBack Spoilercast: Harry Potter 7. We will stop doing that weird thing on our podcast when we warn the listener of spoiler alerts. Instead, if you are interested in one specific thing you can listen to a podcast only about that topic, and skip the ones you want to save for yourself.

It's an exciting idea. My favorite part is that Spoilercast will be a great opportunity to bring in numerous guests. The idea was first pitched by our Australian mate James, and you can bet he will have a big part in numerous episodes of Spoilercast.

Other guests can include Ro's friends, family, Jame's friends in Australia and anyone from the random collection of events I consider my life.

With this expanding network I'm taking a moment to look back. To reminisce. I'm currently sitting in the middle of nowhere at a Shell station getting my tires fixed. It's blazing hot and Katy Perry is rocking over the my foot is tapping quite a bit. (Teenage Dream, for those interested)

I have been heading from San Diego towards the Grand Canyon all day. It's been a wonderful drive. I will do a more detailed post about my traveling experiences but I would like to take this opportunity to say how amazing the benefits are from beginning the original podcast. It has led to an explosion in my work output. I've started this blog; managed a couple Twitter, facebook, and Google+ accounts; and met a lot of cool people. Now I'm traveling the world (limited to the Western United States).

Thank you to all who made it possible and I hope you will stay with us- and spread the word- as we continue this adventure.