Be happy with less

by talkbackty on Dec 3, 2011

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Tell the truth. You are selfish. You want someone else to take care of everything. You want money to come flowing in, cookies to be plentiful and all your cares in the world to disappear. It's okay. Guess what? We are all selfish.

Very few people actually want to work. There's millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dads out there who want nothing more than to hang out with their kids all day. The difference is they aren't socially allowed to do that. They have to work, bring home the bacon, be the caregiver and make the mullah.

You greedy women want to have your cake and eat it to. (Drop Marie Antoinette reference to appear smart). I can hear the stampede starting now. "Women have been oppressed for centuries, forced to stay at home and do all the cleaning and cooking and basically being a slave for the man of the house. If you go back far enough, women were the same as slaves-treated like property to be exchanged from father to husband. The last century has been the only time in history that women have finally had the freedom to do all the things that men can do. How dare you!"

How dare me?

Here's the truth. Men want almost exactly what women want. To be treated fairly, to have a stable home life and to be happy. Sometimes that happiness comes from rock climbing or golfing or photography. Some men are painters or writers, some are athletes or firefighters. Some men love to be around other people, some love to be left alone.

There's not as many physiological differences between the sexes as we make out to be. We all get hungry, horny and tired. Beyond that, it's all social pressure.

One of my first posts was titled The Art of Being a Man...and why nobody cares. The simple summary, the universe doesn't care if you act manly. It doesn't care if you act feminine. As far as I can tell the universe doesn't care a whole lot either way. The same way you know a river does not care about a drowning person, the universe doesn't care if you're acting manly or not.

I tell you that to tell you this. There's nothing that we should be doing. Men/women/humans want to be treated fairly, to have a stable home life and to be happy. How do you get happiness? That's a personal question, not a universal one. If you love flying airplanes then you need to make a lot of money because, as I understand it, airplanes ain't cheap.

My suggestion? (I'm so glad you asked). Be happy with less. Less things, less friends, less children, less video games, less beers, less, less, less. Whatever that thing is that you think you need to be happy, you don't need it. You don't want a thing, you just want more. You're selfish. It's okay. It is biological. We don't want to die during winter and so we hoard nuts during fall (fact check last statement, that might be squirrels).

You can be happy with less. You can be happy that you're husband doesn't work 18 hour days, instead of being happy he just bought a new car. You can be happy that you got one notification on Facebook, instead of being sad you didn't get a friend request from that cute guy in history class. Happiness is a choice. What you are happy about is completely up to you. There is no universal requirement or quota for happiness. You have the option to always choose happiness.

And you can be happy with less.